Value Bets

If you want to win something at the poker table, you have to bet money or chips. This setting is called Bet in technical jargon. Whoever bets should not put chips or money into the pot for no reason. The three most important reasons or types for a bet are: a value bet, a bluff bet and a bet to collect the deadmoney. Today we take a closer look at value bet. Value bets are often the tip of the balance whether you make money with Texas Hold’em poker or not.

Definition of Value Bet

As the name suggests, value bet is about value. Value bet increases the pot and extract value from the opponent. Other than that, a value bet is a bet in which one bets with the better hand and is called by a worse hand. Two things are necessary for a value bet: The opponent has a worse hand. And the opponent pays the player out with this particular worse hand. With value bets you get money for your strong hands. Aggressive betting is particularly important here against passive players.

Factors for a Value Bet

One factor is of course the opponent’s hand. The stronger his hand is, the more likely he is to pay a big bet because he thinks he has an advantage. It is also important how much the opponent sees his hand. If he believes that the other player has the nuts, he won’t push a single chip in the middle. If he has little doubt, he will be lured into the pot with good odds.

Opponents who are unable to throw a good hand are of course optimal for value bets. Such players pay with a pocket pair, for example, even if they actually know that they have already lost. These players are the ideal target to get value into the pot. The opposite is the case for very fearful players who are often not ready to invest chips in the pot even with a good hand.

One other factor is none other than the call thresholds. A lot of players have such a threshold and are unwilling to call more than a specific amount of chips. Some players have an absolute number in mind as a threshold, for others the threshold depends on their respective stack size. Very few players pay more than half of the stack.

Anyone who has internalized these factors can decide in every situation whether their value bet should be large or small. It is much more difficult to find the optimal bet size for a value bet. Anyone who places small value bets again and again has a substantial sum at the end of the month. But if he overdoes it regularly, he loses a lot of money, because money that is not won is also lost money.

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